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Internal teams across the Pfizer network require research to test digital products before, during and after deployment. The Experience Design and Business Adoption Team receives their request and determine the best solutions to analyze, validate and test their products with users.

I've led several internal product teams to conduct user research that consists of
project roadmapping, creating research protocols, conducting user interviews, conducting workshops with stakeholders, heuristic evaluations and summarizing research results. These products range from Reliability Engineering Dashboards to Performance Asset Ecosystems.

My Role

User Experience (UX) Researcher


Research Protocols
Project Roadmaps
Stakeholder Alignment Workshops
User Interviews
Usability Testing 
Research Analysis & Read-out


Figma, Miro, Jira, Powerpoint, Excel

Research Protocol

Throughout my time on the Pfizer Experience Design and Business Adoption Team, I lead several research teams. I started each project by scoping out the work in a multi-page research protocol that includes the overview, goals, deliverables, scripts and templates that will be used throughout the research project. 


Research Timeline

Once the research protocol is complete, I create a research roadmap to help stakeholders map out deliverables with sprint timelines.

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Stakeholder Alignment Workshops

I conducted several workshops throughout my time at Pfizer. For example, The Pfizer Sterile Injectables and Biotech Operations (SBO) Group was having issues monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) across sites. Each site was monitoring different KPI's making it hard for Directors and Sites Leaders to measure and compare assets. A workshop was executed to develop Personas and user flows to help stakeholders understand who the user were and what they needed.


User Interview & Synthesis

Once we aligned with stakeholders, we were able to schedule 1-1 interviews with the user roles we identified to learn about their experiences. 

After collecting the notes and gathering insights from the interviews I begin to synthesize and summarize the results in a way that makes sense to the stakeholders and development team.

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Heuristic Evaluations

To get a holistic view of products against industry standards, I assembled teams of researchers to perform Heuristic Evaluations. With those researchers, we validated the metrics for evaluation and personally tested each page of the tool against industry standards.


Research Synthesis

I compiled the research findings in a full deck that gave a rating of each page along with findings and recommendations based on criticality. In this deck I combined recommendations from the researchers as well as the user interviews to give stakeholders and product owners a full view of the experience.


At the end of each research project, stakeholders and developers would have access to all documents making it easier than ever to make revisions before product release dates. 

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