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I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Arts at Prairie View A&M University in May 2018. I graduated as the only woman in the very first class of Digital Media Arts students. I then went on to complete a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at University of Houston in May of 2021.


Sharing creative strategies and access to creative freedom through pedagogy and creative expression. My ultimate goal is to provide creative mentorship and resources to minorities and at-risk youth/students seeking to find careers in design or use design as a means to express themselves.


I create 2 and 3D pieces that are often examinations or responses to threats against the “American Utopia”. These topics can range from digital surveillance and accessibility to racial/cultural discrimination. My core strengths rest upon my abilities to utilize design software like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator in combination with handmade marks or found documents. I create, destroy and imitate with the help of electronic tools like printers, scanners and laser cutters. 

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