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Digital photomontage series using a variation of acrylic finger painted markings

This 3 -Part series administered by artist Richard The mimics the interaction between a user and their phone. The type and marks are all made by natural finger swipes and taps using paint. These marks were then digitally rendered to create a series of posters highlighting 3 unique moments. The first moment you witness is just the physical activity between the user and the device. The second poster shows the device's demands. The third poster only shows the human interaction which in this case is taps and fingers swipes. These swipes can be observed as the user submitting to the device's demands in order to reach their specific website or data location. The entire interaction is intersected by a red dot that symbolizes the lack of privacy on your devices and how your activity is constantly being monitored. Lastly, the digits throughout the posters symbolize your phone IP address or your digital trail that you leave as you interact with your device.

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