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Digital render and photomontage of suspended light-weight metal sculpture. 

This piece was created to express the power of knowledge. Books are seen flying from the top of the library like birds being set free from the library. This concept was derived when considering immigration to the US. Many come here with a desire for knowledge, freedom, or both. The flock-like assemblage is representative of unity and diversity. 

Free is envisioned here in the Alief Neighborhood Center in Houston, Tx. Alief is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Houston. There were new spaces being created that could accommodate their community as well as house three of the Houston public departments; Library, Health, and Parks. With that in mind, I used lightweight metals like copper and aluminum as the base of this suspended project. The colorful metals are representative of the three departments as well as the diversity of the surrounding communities. This is a conceptual render.

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