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Photographic experimentation using  paper and trash bags


Blaffer Art Museum, Houston TX

School of Art Show 2019

The 3 Part poster series captures a text from Art as Experience by John Dewey and represents it visually in 3 ways; affirmative, critical and neutral.

1. The affirmative exploration reinforces the text by using scale and hierarchy. The words “Experiencing” and “Like Breathing” are larger than the rest of the text and are flowing in a different direction the remaining strips of the passage. This affirms the “Experiencing is like breathing” quote as well because of the evidence of movement in the frame.

2. The critical analysis is a sharp contrast to the affirmative while using the same tones and some of the same techniques. Instead of the text being cut into perfect strips, it is ripped up making it impossible to read an entire line of text. The use of scale to show hierarchy was repeated in this experimentation as well. The shiny textured background is multiple ripped trash bags laid out flat to create one plane. The photos were taken on top of it so that it could symbolize the ripped pieces being thrown in the trash.

3. Lastly, the neutral experiment simply features the text shown as one piece of flowing strips. After blowing on the strips they create a rhythm of in-takings and out-givings just as the text states. However, because of the lack of hierarchy, there is no differentiation from one line to another which is what helps with the neutral reinforcement.

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